The ANCYouth comprises Armenian-American professionals and students. The ANCYouth focuses on and promotes issues of concern to all Armenians living in America today, be it political or social in nature, with the focal point being The recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

The ANCYouth is the forum for activism within the American society. It assists the Armenian people in accomplishing a wide range of cultural, social, and political goals, with numerous projects throughout the year.

The ANCYouth provides an open forum for the exchange of ideas to create greater awareness. It also has its own weekly television program.

The ANCYouth also serves as a bridge between university students and professionals, creating an environment conducive to networking. It also provides opportunities such as internships, leadership workshops, interaction and exchange of ideas with elected officials, as well as participation in local community affairs.

The ANCYouth is affiliated with the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA), and its membership represents all aspects of the Armenian communities in America.

The ANCYouth invites all Armenian-Americans to join.


Support Congressional Recognition of . . .

California-Armenia Trade Office Bill Passes . . .

Over 1500 signed up for the ANCYouth during Navasartian Games alone!

Remember, we want to always hear you speak your mind, so contact us with your ideas and suggestions, and let us answer any question that you may have!

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